Back to the roots

International week in Saint Louis du Sénégal – Jun 21-30, 2024


Back to the Roots is an initiative promoted by the  Saint-Lousien musicians Birane Amar Wane known as One Pac. In collaboration with the Senegalese Association ‘Men Na Neek’ he wishes to participate in the cultural, social, touristic and cultural development of  his city.

“Back to the Roots” is an exchange  platform between Saint-Louis and the rest of the world on three topics: Culture, Migrations and Environment.



Nowadays many young senegalese think  that the only solution for a better future is to leave their country risking their life along the routes of illegal migration.

Back to the Roots was established to address this issue by offering  young people local opportunities in the cultural, economic, social and environmental fields. It encourages people from  Saint-Louis living all over the world to come back and invest in their own city.

It’s an international week involving  artists, activists, solidarity people  from different European countries in order to strengthen exchanges, partnerships and alliances.


Back to the Roots is at the same time a solidarity trip dedicated to activists and solidarity people from Europe and beyond.

The international participants will actively contribute to the migration conference   and will meet local associations  to start new projects and cooperation. At the same time they will have the opportunity to discover the city and the culture of Saint Louise guided by local young people. 

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Back to the Roots 2024

Take part in this great cultural exchange by traveling to Senegal.

Back to the Roots

International week in Saint Louis du Sénégal

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